What the F-

2011-12-28 06:50:38 by DeathGodRaito

http://dj-delinquent.newgrounds.com/ne ws/post/666154

This is fucked up! This guy is doing the same damn thing as many DJs! Hell, even famous DJs sample. Newgrounds staff monitoring audio submissions: you all are idiots.


2011-05-24 23:18:31 by DeathGodRaito

I figured out how to make animated icons in Photoshop CS5, but they are really shitty. Faces v3 GIF Icon and Neko Icon are the ones I made.

Any idea how a person with little patience can make a good one?


2009-10-04 02:57:35 by DeathGodRaito

Can someone tell me how to make a animated icon/ avatar?


2009-09-05 01:20:20 by DeathGodRaito

If ya wanna see other stuff I've done here are links to my myspace and Deviantart.

My Myspace

My Deviant Art

Yahargh...(my word,so... NO STEALING)

2009-08-29 14:07:26 by DeathGodRaito

I'm thinking about posting the scans and the photoshopped versions of future pics.
I'll post them when I remember.


2009-08-20 16:37:37 by DeathGodRaito

I finally decided to post a drawing that photoshopped. I would post another one now but, gotta make it smaller. as soon as i figure out how.


2009-07-20 04:15:44 by DeathGodRaito

Sorry for not posting anything. I just have a ton of music off of limewire and what I downloaded from here. as soon as I think of something to post I will.